Wednesday, October 3, 2007

In Summary--Thing 23!

Yeah! I am patting myself on the back! Successfully (at least I hope so!) completed my 23 Things!

It's been an interesting journey--one I would never have attempted on my own. I am grateful to the HCPL for encouraging staff to pursue this somewhat ambitious program. While I griped from time to time, I delved into areas I would never have attempted on my own. I'm glad I had to the opportunity to learn about what's new and commonly utilized in the ever-changing technology arena.

I enjoyed Library Thing, online image generators and the online productivity tools. I loved the interactivity and learning about sites my kids commonly use. Some tasks were cumbersome and directions were poorly communicated. Overall, though, the experience was positive and educational. I learned alot and will use many of this tools again. Thanks!

Thing 22--Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has an impressive selection of languages from which to choose. I introduced my daughter (who is fairly proficient in French) to the site and she is thrilled. She is very excited to see so many titles available.

I enjoyed reviewing the collection--a vast selection. Also, I found its statistics fascinating. Yesterday's top authors (100 listed) were Twain (at #1) followed by Harold Speed, Arthur Thomson and Charles Dickens.

I found several titles I'd like to download as did my daughter.

Thing 21--Podcasts

After exploring the options and learning that Yahoo would soon be closing its site, I decided upon seemed the easiest to use. I tried to watch a podcast about the Yankees (only because I could find no other MLB podcast!), but was unsuccessful even though it did not require a paid subscription.

I was able to set up an RSS feed to a political podcast. Maybe it's just me but I thought many of the podcasts were quite dated. The Yankees podcast was from the summer of 2006.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thing 20

You Tube is addictive! I can see why people spend all day here.

After searching for a subject (dogs, of course), I selected a couple of entries and here is the link to one:

I like this site for entertainment value but I wonder how, and if, this site is edited.

This type of tool would be a great resource if managed and edited as database is managed...i.e. by a credible source.

Thing 19

I chose Goggle Maps (had looked for sports sites--none included!). When I have more time, I'll enjoy exploring other sites!

Thing 18

Had chosen Zoho Writer and used it to publish and post my entry re. RSS feeds. For some reason, while attempting to publish my post from Zoho, I was unable to do so. Please refer to that entry (the one without a bold headline!).

Monday, September 17, 2007


Here's the address to a site I created in Learning 2.0 Sandbox. Don't think it's listed as a favorite--that's not been an easy task. However, it is/was listed on the right side of the screen as recently posted.

The library wikis were informative and and easy to use. SJCPL is a good research for basic information--like that it can be edited only by librarians. A variety of information is covered in each subject area. Surprised that nothing about Notre Dame is included--think the system is close to South Bend!

Library 2.0 in 15 Minutes is a great resource. Wish I 'd known about this in Week 1!